The Reckoning: To be Cracked Wide Open

Hello, and welcome back. In my last blog post I ended by encouraging us all to hold fast to the radical notion that freedom, equality and justice for all are not just merely worn out platitudes, but ideals that together we can make real.

I can feel your skepticism. You are thinking that ideals such as these will not survive in this world but I tell you that we can actualize the vision by dismantling the beliefs, and perceptions that hold the current reality in place.

Our beliefs have caused us to invest in systems that inherently produce inequality, where freedom and justice are for some but not for all. This is a bitter pill to swallow but we cannot deny that the beliefs we hold create the structures that our culture is founded on because the fruit of such beliefs are now being displayed in the open for everyone who is willing and able to see.

When we look we see that our beliefs and perceptions are firmly rooted and grounded in the cult of righteousness. The notion that I am superior based on my gender, race, religion, sexual preferences and how I choose to live my life, so it becomes impossible to create a new world until we perceive and dismantle this fatal flaw.  

Because, the ideology of righteousness in so interwoven into the very fabric of our culture and society that it is almost impossible to fully comprehend the ramifications of the insidious way that it influences every aspect of our lives both privately and publicly.

So we have finally come to a state of reckoning where we must accept accountability for the structures that we have created. We are all complicit in the current state of affairs because we have accepted the current state of affairs.

But we so want to hold fast to our beliefs and keep making the same choices while hoping and praying for a different result to the one that we have been getting but you know what Einstein said, it is insane to think that you can get a different result by making the same choices over and over again.

The fundamental change that must be made to our beliefs and perceptions is to see through the eyes of love rather than the ideology of righteousness.

When we are in the vibration of love we see and know that whatever we create in fear will only beget more fear. When we believe that we must protect ourselves from “them” we will unconsciously create more situations where we can experience fear and the need to protect ourselves.

Why is it so difficult to feel the desperation and suffering that is affecting humanity and all other creatures that are attempting to coexist on this planet? It is because we have closed our hearts.

The unbearable suffering that we have endured for thousands of years under the cult of righteousness has become overwhelming. So we look with the mind through its lens and see the pain and suffering of others as justified condemnation because they are not deserving, and not worthy.

But the sad part of this paradigm is that we only condemn others because we have condemned ourselves. The cult of righteousness has called us broken and wrong, has caused us to feel ashamed of our humanity, has taught us that in order to be worthy of love we must become something other than what we are. This rejection and abandonment is so unbearable that we cannot allow ourselves to feel the pain, so we shut our hearts and pretend that this will save us.

Because our minds cannot comprehend that Love is the law and love does not condemn. Love does not judge. It is love that causes the sun to rise and the trees to bloom the birds and the whales to sing. There is love all around us if we just open our hearts.

Opening the heart is risky and no one does it voluntarily. We think that we can open just a bit but that is not enough. We must be cracked wide open. When we are cracked we feel the pain. It is visceral, and in the body, not some intellectual experience.

But the reward for being open is that it allows us to be truly alive to vibrate with the richness and fullness of love that was always there, patiently waiting to be invited in. So let us allow ourselves to admit that we are worthy of unconditional love for that is how we were designed, to love and be loved in return.




The Good News!

image-bad-news-good-news-signsI am Dr. Cheryl Wade. For 18 years I worked ceaselessly as a general surgeon because I have a need to serve and do good, and because this career enabled me to develop the confidence I needed to make my way in the world with autonomy and self respect.

I pushed myself relentlessly because I was indoctrinated with fundamental religious beliefs which asserted, I was “less than,” and incapable as a woman, and flawed as a human being.

This religion preached that we are born in sin and must be redeemed, that the earth is a fearful and dangerous place to be subjugated and used, that we should live only to die to escape from this God forsaken planet to a much better place in the sky, but only if we are good enough and only if we obey the rules without question.

Even as a child, however, I had my doubts. A God who promoted violence and murder against women, children, and animals and mass genocide of “non believers” could not be a loving, all-powerful Creator. A God who would demand my slavish devotion and service felt a petty dictator unworthy of my respect. Life goes on, however, and I put these ideas on the back burner in order to pursue my career.

When I achieved my goals, however and finally took a breather, I looked around and saw an insane world in chaos and turmoil driven by greed and arrogance. I saw people divided against themselves in self-loathing, and against each other in anger and resentment.

I saw how I had also become a casualty of the massive mind control that is strangling life on earth. So to save myself I started on a journey to realize the truth of the nature of reality and to become what I needed to see in the world around me.

Incorporating holistic health principles into my surgical practice was a first step but it soon became patently obvious that it is impossible to heal the body, mind, or soul without acknowledging and healing the existential despair and hopelessness that has infected us all.

I came to see that the origins of the pathology that ails humanity are the core values and beliefs that uphold our culture and society. The beliefs that our self separate from Source and nature, that some humans are inherently more worthy than others, that we live on a dead planet in a clockwork universe, and that we are victims of a God of retribution who would punish us for all eternity.

Where did these outrageous beliefs come from that have so mortally wounded us, and how could we be so simple to believe them? They arose from the doctrines of the Abrahamic religions, Judaism, Islam, and Christianity that sprang out of the desert of the Middle East, a little over two thousand of years ago.

In the name of “God” we have been tortured and murdered and every indigenous culture that held the wisdom of the true nature of reality has been subjected to genocide and mass extermination. Humanity has been brutalized into accepting a lie that we eventually believed because we had to, in order to survive.

Now hear the good news. Even as we face the abyss, the way forward is clear. We can avoid self-destruction when we realize that we have nothing to fear but the fear that was artificially implanted into the fabric of our being, the fear that has paralyzed our free will to be in love and harmony with all that is.

Join me now on a journey of self-discovery to realize our true nature as Divine, Sovereign beings gifted to create the life that we choose and desire. Let us together create heaven on earth, in peace and harmony, with ourselves, each other, and our planetary mother in the freedom to be who and what we choose to be.





Words, words, words, and the Mystery of the Sphinx

SphinxI had been laboring over the writing of a blog post, trying to get my point across and was not very happy with the result. If only I could find the right words and place them in the right configuration I would be heard, and the truth would be recognized!

I struggled, even though I was well aware that no matter how logical or persuasive one’s arguments may be, they do not have the ability to change the beliefs of another, they are just more words being thrown about.

We only change our beliefs and the structures they uphold when we encounter an experience outside of our normal frame of reference that cannot be explained away no matter how much we try to cling to that which is being shattered.

I knew from experience that I should stop writing and do something completely different to give my operating systems a chance to reboot. I decided to be bold and take a breather with some acid.

I had taken that piece of dried mango laced with LSD across the Atlantic and back and still had not felt that I had the right time and frame of mind to indulge in the hope of a consciousness expanding experience.

In my prior experimental forays I never seemed to attain the experience that I sought. I reasoned whether I could endure 24 hours with every cell in my body racing like a Lamborghini on the Autobahn for another disappointing experience of poor quality LSD.

Today I felt compelled to give it a go. We were within the auspices of the full moon, Mercury was just stationed direct out of retrograde, and it was Sunday, yeah, no schedules, certainly an opportune time.

So I munched with determination on that piece of dried mango and waited. I was not alone, however, and the hours went by while we frolicked. After some time hunger overtook my companion and off he went for Chinese take out. I finally had a moment of quiet contemplation.

I reclined on the couch and gently gazed at my arm. It seemed immense and heavy as stone. I could not lift it. I felt myself to be in a vast structure, a holy place that contained me. I did not feel trapped, only amazed at the solidity of it all. I felt serene and noble like the great Sphinx of Egypt.

The moment passed but the experience registered. This was the mystery of the Sphinx, the miracle of spirit descended into the density of matter. We have all heard the cliché “the body is a temple for spirit” but who has really had the experience of that knowing.

Until we open to the experiential reality of life in all of its gut wrenching, awe-full-ness, and its raw, immense beauty arguments are all just words being bandied about, ” full of sound and fury, signifying nothing” but still I have to get back to those words, words, words.


Quotation from Shakespeare’s- Macbeth







Revel in your Humanity

freeimage-14773391-highA friend of mine calls Face-Book, face-crack, as in highly addictive substance. When I first heard him use the term I laughed and admitted that FB is indeed compelling even though I use it mainly as a marketing tool. A chord was struck however, as I realized the truth of that statement. Social media can be the perfect distraction from the profound emptiness we feel within. It is indeed a quick fix for the isolation, fragmentation and disconnect that has wounded us on the deepest, and most profound levels of our being.

What is the root cause of this intense suffering? Why do we feel emotionally isolated from the rest of the planet and more importantly from ourselves? We feel a numbness that separates us from the joy and satisfaction that we desire for our lives. We are fragmented because we must constantly expend energy to ignore the elephant in the room, our own sense of despair and dread.

We use social media to placate the intense alone-ness that we feel deep in our bones, however, just like any drug the effects do not last and we need another fix again and again and it is never, ever as good as the first time.

On social media we feel safe to share the bits and pieces of ourselves that are acceptable. We hide the desires and feelings that we cannot face because of guilt and shame created by a morality that has been forced upon us by institutions we did not ourselves create and which we know to be false to our true and authentic selves.

Our religious institutions have told us that our humanity is something to be eschewed. We are less than god, less than angels, less than priests and only slightly above animals. This false idea is reinforced as television, magazines, and billboards show us how our Selves are broken. We need at any cost this deodorant, this makeup, this car, to fix our brokenness so that we can be acceptable and “better than” what we already are.

According to John Lamb Lash, “The suppression of ecstasy and condemnation of pleasure by patriarchal religion have left us in a deep, festering morass.” Our humanity, however, is our core biologic necessity and can only be ignored and suppressed to our own detriment. We see our instinctual imperative erupting in the pathologically warped expressions of rampant pornography, the objectification of women, sexual slavery, sexual abuse of children in religious institutions, and rape and violence towards women.

Not only have the religious institutions backed up by social conditioning forced us to dissociate from our own bodies and senses it has forced us to dissociate from the natural world. Nature is feared and reviled for its rampant fecundity and association with the Divine Feminine. Our human body and instincts have been bound together with the feminine principle as something that is venal and evil and to be feared and suppressed no matter the damage it causes to our health and psyche.

The entire planet has been brought under the dominion of a god that hates humanity, the natural world, and trees. When the god of the Abrahamic religions appeared over two thousand years ago, the Divine Feminine principle as the Goddess, who was worshiped as nature, and among the trees was brutally suppressed.

Yahweh demanded in Deutoronomy 12:2-5 “Destroy completely all the places on the high mountains and on the hills and under every spreading tree where the nations you are dispossessing worship their gods.” Later in history, the Druids, keepers of Gnosis were murdered and hung from their sacred and beloved trees. We see this intense religious hatred of nature reflected in modern times in the scathing label of “tree hugger”.

And so we have become dissociated from the Natural world of which we are one part. We have been commanded to subdue, dominate and consume an entire planet and everything that exists on it. We now rely on simulation, artifice, artificial intelligence, and manufactured sustenance. We raise our children in concrete jungles, imprisoned in apartments with computers and social media as substitutes for direct and genuine human interactions.

And so we have lost our empathy for one another. We have lost our connection to the living planet that birthed us into being. We no longer care for our lost freedom of choice and conscious creation. We no longer have a clue as to our own authentic, instinctual nature because we were forced to abandon ourselves.

How do we correct this crime against nature and humanity? We accept that we are whole, perfect and complete just as we are. There is none above or below us to save or condemn. We celebrate and enjoy our bodies and our senses, knowing that this is our salvation. We allow our desires to bring fulfillment and creativity to our existence and we revel in the bliss of LIFE.

Source: John Lamb Lash, “Not in His Image”2006 Chelsea Green Publishing