The Reckoning: To be Cracked Wide Open

Hello, and welcome back. In my last blog post I ended by encouraging us all to hold fast to the radical notion that freedom, equality and justice for all are not just merely worn out platitudes, but ideals that together we can make real.

I can feel your skepticism. You are thinking that ideals such as these will not survive in this world but I tell you that we can actualize the vision by dismantling the beliefs, and perceptions that hold the current reality in place.

Our beliefs have caused us to invest in systems that inherently produce inequality, where freedom and justice are for some but not for all. This is a bitter pill to swallow but we cannot deny that the beliefs we hold create the structures that our culture is founded on because the fruit of such beliefs are now being displayed in the open for everyone who is willing and able to see.

When we look we see that our beliefs and perceptions are firmly rooted and grounded in the cult of righteousness. The notion that I am superior based on my gender, race, religion, sexual preferences and how I choose to live my life, so it becomes impossible to create a new world until we perceive and dismantle this fatal flaw.  

Because, the ideology of righteousness in so interwoven into the very fabric of our culture and society that it is almost impossible to fully comprehend the ramifications of the insidious way that it influences every aspect of our lives both privately and publicly.

So we have finally come to a state of reckoning where we must accept accountability for the structures that we have created. We are all complicit in the current state of affairs because we have accepted the current state of affairs.

But we so want to hold fast to our beliefs and keep making the same choices while hoping and praying for a different result to the one that we have been getting but you know what Einstein said, it is insane to think that you can get a different result by making the same choices over and over again.

The fundamental change that must be made to our beliefs and perceptions is to see through the eyes of love rather than the ideology of righteousness.

When we are in the vibration of love we see and know that whatever we create in fear will only beget more fear. When we believe that we must protect ourselves from “them” we will unconsciously create more situations where we can experience fear and the need to protect ourselves.

Why is it so difficult to feel the desperation and suffering that is affecting humanity and all other creatures that are attempting to coexist on this planet? It is because we have closed our hearts.

The unbearable suffering that we have endured for thousands of years under the cult of righteousness has become overwhelming. So we look with the mind through its lens and see the pain and suffering of others as justified condemnation because they are not deserving, and not worthy.

But the sad part of this paradigm is that we only condemn others because we have condemned ourselves. The cult of righteousness has called us broken and wrong, has caused us to feel ashamed of our humanity, has taught us that in order to be worthy of love we must become something other than what we are. This rejection and abandonment is so unbearable that we cannot allow ourselves to feel the pain, so we shut our hearts and pretend that this will save us.

Because our minds cannot comprehend that Love is the law and love does not condemn. Love does not judge. It is love that causes the sun to rise and the trees to bloom the birds and the whales to sing. There is love all around us if we just open our hearts.

Opening the heart is risky and no one does it voluntarily. We think that we can open just a bit but that is not enough. We must be cracked wide open. When we are cracked we feel the pain. It is visceral, and in the body, not some intellectual experience.

But the reward for being open is that it allows us to be truly alive to vibrate with the richness and fullness of love that was always there, patiently waiting to be invited in. So let us allow ourselves to admit that we are worthy of unconditional love for that is how we were designed, to love and be loved in return.




Ignite your passion and Love Fiercely


There is an evolving consciousness sweeping the planet, insisting that we become spiritual adults who stand in the midst of chaos with a clearly defined vision for our future.

What is this vision? It is one of unity and inclusion. It is we, humanity. It is not us, versus them. We are all children of Gaia, created from the same template. She does not love one more than the other. She requires us to come together in solidarity for this is the only way that we will survive as a species. The earth will continue her evolution with or without us. We can either get with the program or become extinct.

It was the Aeon Sophia’s passion for the Anthropos that caused her to fall from the creative center of the Milky Way Galaxy to become Gaia, planet earth and it is her passion for the new iteration of humanity that she is now single mindedly focused on. The evolving consciousness demands this.

We are in the pangs of labor so to speak, birthing a new paradigm as the old era closes and a new one begins. The questions now become, how do we maintain balance when our world is being torn apart? How do we stay in the frequency of love while resisting the onslaught of an agenda that is intent on maintaining humanity in a state of separation, fear, and lack.

In my last blog, I maintained that the only way to navigate the chaos is to stand in one’s individual sovereignty. This action, however, requires discernment as opposed to emotional reactivity.

Discernment is essential in order to see through the massive spin and hype that is being fed to us twenty-four seven in order to keep us in a state of mental confusion while focused on survival fears. This is the tactic that is being used to keep us separated and in bondage. It is time to step out of the time loop of the matrix of deception that we have been trapped in for the past two thousand years by a doctrine of righteousness.

The key to discernment is that it must be used in accordance with the law of Nature, and Love is that law. We can only discern truth when we come out of the virtual reality of our minds to step into our bodies while opening our hearts to Love. It is only then that we can see the deception lurking behind the mask of “better than”, “not deserving” and “not us”.

In seeing the lie we realize that we cannot fight evil on its own terms. We can see and recognize it but then we must stand in Love. The warrior archetype must be redefined if we are to win this battle for freedom. We fight by standing for what we love, fiercely protecting our authentic truth, not the dogma of politics, religion, or culture.

We support in every way that we are capable the values that we hold dear by doing. We don’t just hope and have faith that it will all turn out right in the end and we don’t succumb to fear and desperation, we take action.

We take action by finding the one thing that ignites our passion with the ferocity of Love. We donate, we volunteer, we educate ourselves, and others, and most importantly we do the necessary inner work to clear the false beliefs of lack, separation and limitation that have been fed to us. We focus on the vision that we have for ourselves, and for humanity.

Nothing else will suffice now. We never give up and we never give in to the calls of fear, hatred, and intolerance. We stand together as One in solidarity while celebrating our individual divine sovereignty.

So lets get up and get out and create the world anew in Love, joy, and bliss. Join me next time as we continue to explore the dawning of a new age.





The Great Separation: It is the Best of times and the Worst of times

colliding-galsxies-e1409075817747We have entered a new era in history amidst unrelenting tension and chaos that is escalating exponentially. It is now patently obvious that there is a great separation in the consciousness of humanity wherein two overlapping realities are being played out simultaneously.

On the one hand we have the consciousness of separation, where misogyny, xenophobia and intolerance are the reality of a construct based on “alternate facts”. On the other hand there is an enlightening expansion of consciousness crying for a new paradigm based in love and inclusion.

In my last posting I ended with the assertion that the earth is now engulfed in a tidal wave of energy forcing a time line shift to a new reality, and a new human. This energy is demanding that we each undergo a massive evolution of consciousness.

We know that evolution is upon us because in the midst of chaos we feel and recognize the call to Freedom. It is in our bones, in the air that we breathe, and in the events developing worldwide.

Evolution does not occur in a linear fashion but in quantum leaps. An electron orbiting the nucleus of an atom acquires enough photonic light energy to make a sudden “jump” into a higher dimensional frequency. This is where we are right now. We can go with the energy and jump to another reality or we can resist and decay and die.

The construct under which we are living is destroying our planet, and our humanity. This construct is disintegrating. Now, we design a new paradigm based in the frequencies of love, bliss, and desire where we do what we will and harm none.

We actualize the freedom to birth this new paradigm by claiming and embracing our individual autonomous sovereignty. We are the creators of our reality both individually and collectively. There is no Savior who will intervene to destroy the sinners and save the righteous. Indeed it is the “righteous” that are hell bent on pillaging this planet and keeping humanity in bondage.

How do I know that we are powerful creator gods in our own right? Well, lets get back to the narrative of the fallen Goddess, Sophia and her creation, humanity as told by the Gnostics in the Nag Hammadi material.

The setting is the black hole at the center of the Milky Way. This is the womb from which life in this galaxy originated. Swirling around this black hole is the Pleroma, a vortex of luminosity where Aeons, Divine currents of living intelligence play in the higher octaves of life.

It is here that two distinct Aeonic currents, Sophia, and Thelete, came together once again in the sacred dance of bliss. In their dance Sophia conceived of a creature that excited her to ecstasy by the possibilities that had never before been imagined. She conveyed the vision to her consort, Thelete and together they designed the template for the genome of the Anthropos, aka, humanity.

We are indeed unique and special among all created beings. Contrary to what religious doctrine teaches, we were not created to suffer and serve a jealous and vengeful Almighty.

We were endowed with the qualities of self-awareness, imagination, and the capacity to play and to pretend so that we could be creator gods in own right taking our consciousness to limits where no created beings have gone before.

So how did this plan go awry? The genome of the Anthropos was seeded in the star nursery of the Orion nebula. It was left to develop without interference as a divine experiment of the company of Aeons, to observe how this new being would evolve on its own in a state of free will.

Sophia was so intent, however, on observing the experiment that she fell out of the Pleroma towards the star nursery. In desperation she grasped into herself the template for the genome of the Anthropos. As she fell her light collided with the inert matter orbiting the outer reaches of the galaxy resulting in the inadvertent creation of an anomaly, a swarm of inorganic entities, the Archons.

Sophia finally came to rest at the outer edge of the third limb of this spiral galaxy and there her luminosity condensed to become the material body, planet Earth and she fell into a deep sleep during which the Anthropos embedded within her evolved and developed into humanity.

Meanwhile, the leader of the Archons, Yaldabaoth, developed an intense jealousy and hatred for humanity, so he devised a scheme to destroy the earth and her progeny. He plotted to ensnare our consciousness with the lie that he is the Almighty creator of “all that is” and of humanity. To this end he chose a man, Abram to be the vector of his wrath upon us. Thus began the enslavement of humanity by a religious doctrine of falsehood and deception that has continued to this day, but that construct is now ending.

Intense waves of energy emanating from the galactic center have awakened our Divine Mother, Gaia Sophia. She is now directing the evolution of consciousness within us to birth a new human and a new earth and so it goes.

Join me next time as we continue to explore the birth of “new earth”.









The Good News: What’s Really Going On? part 2 of 2

img_2965Now that we know the pattern of creation, what are we actually made of? Everything in existence is composed of elemental particles called photons, which are quantum packets of holographic information encoded into light. These photons aggregate and condense according to frequency and vibration into material form such as a body, a plant, or a rock, or immaterial form such as thoughts, electromagnetic waves, or sunlight.

This swarm of photons is contained within a unified field, the “cosmic egg” as it was known in antiquity wherein every particle is entangled with the whole. A mother, knows the instant that her child is injured even though a continent separates them, a particle at one end of the universe immediately reacts to a change in its sister particle at the other end. This may all sound spooky and unreal, but these are facts, nonetheless.

Now that we have the big picture in focus we get to the “where did I come from?” Religious dogma insists that the earth is the center of creation and that humans are the only sentient beings in existence.

Well, consider that the earth is actually located at the outer edge, the boondocks so to speak of the Milky Way galaxy of which our tiny solar system is just one of billions and that the Milky Way galaxy if just one of billions of galaxies within this universe that is expanding outwards faster than the speed of light.

Given these facts it only stands to reason that creation is forever unfolding countless forms in an expression of its infinite potential.

There was a creation story for humanity told by indigenous cultures throughout the world, before the Abrahamic religions Judaism, Christianity, and Islam came into existence some two thousand years ago.

It starts within the center of our own Milky Way galaxy. The Gnostics, the wise ones who remembered and held the knowledge of the true nature of reality, told of such a story until the Church exterminated them.

The Gnostic story was rediscovered in 1945 in the desert of Nag Hammadi, Egypt written on codices and hidden, buried in earthen jars. These texts contain many writings, among them the myth of the Aeon, Sophia, who along with her consort Thelete conceived of the genome of humanity and so developed the template for a creature that excited and sparked their creative genius.

It is the story of the fall of Sophia from the center of the milky-way galaxy to became the living planet Gaia-Sophia. It tells of how we came to be here and what our purpose is.

You may think this is a tall tale and completely unbelievable but it has a credibility that the creation myth of the Abrahamic religions that has created such havoc in our world does not, and is certainly more in line with the observable universe in which we live. We look at the mythic tale of the Gnostics and realize that as all stories go truth is contained in metaphor and analogy.

This creation myth is the major theme of the book “Not in his Image” by John Lamb Lash. I was so inspired by his rendering of the Gnostic tale that I myself wrote a short picture book rendition of this story that is accessible to everyone, entitled, “The Luminous Child, a tale of Myth, Metaphor and Magic”.

This creation story is the safe place for humanity. It informs us of the grand theme unfolding now being played out upon the world stage. If we know the narrative we can align ourselves with the wave of transformation engulfing us like a giant tsunami, a time line shift in the evolution of the consciousness of humanity that is happening at this very moment and like all tsunamis you cannot stop this but you can certainly make your way to higher ground.






The Good News: What’s Really Going On? (part 1 of 2)

img_2963It has been especially topsy-turvy for most of us on the planet, recently to say the least. We are in a daze of shock and confusion at the current state of affairs, and embroiled is a buzz of discussion, asking ourselves and everyone else, “what in heck is going on”, and “how did we get here”.

In order to comprehend the madness that led to this pivotal point in history, we need to first step back and get some perspective by looking at the larger questions of what am I, where did I come from and why am I here? Only when we examine these fundamental issues will we see the truth hidden behind the veil.

So, you think these are esoteric questions that you don’t have the time to think about, right now, but until we make the time to examine them for ourselves we will remain dazed and confused in the cognitive nightmare that we are all trying to awaken from.

Those who have already uncovered the truth have an anchor and a safe place in the storm. From this safe space we can see what is really going on.

We have been given a choice point in the history of humanity where what has been hidden and is now being revealed. If we can muster the courage to open our eyes and see before us what we have not wanted to acknowledge we will have the ability to walk out of the prison that has kept our consciousness in bondage for millennia.

So, how did we get to this place, right here, right now? Well, as children two diametrically opposing beliefs were implanted into our brains regarding the nature and origin of humanity each emphatic and dogmatic in it’s own way, rooted in a competition between religion and science.

On the one hand religious dogma preaches that we are molded from the dust of this planet in the image of a white bearded guy in the sky. Our purpose is to serve him by denying our humanity. We are commanded to convince every other human by any means necessary that he is the one true god, and because he gave us an immortal soul that he will judge when we die we must obey or burn forever.

The opposing story line says that we are mere flesh and blood, the result of unplanned random combinations of purely material stuff. There is no grand purpose to our lives or to anything else, for that matter. We originated on this planet, we die here, and that will be the end of us so we better grab as much “stuff” as we can while the getting is good, or someone else will get it and that’s not good.

Of course we didn’t believe either absurd story line as the intelligent children that we were. We knew how to create powerful magic with our imagination and intent. We loved, laughed, and played with joyful abandon as we conversed with plants and animals, our toys and the stars. We knew what others where thinking and feeling, and we saw patterns and colors surrounding them.

But because we couldn’t challenge those in power over us, we were gradually forced to relinquish our intuitive knowing and Being until we finally forgot how to be ourselves.

The result of this massive brain washing and repression is that our lives have become an expression of personal dis-empowerment and lack of sovereignty. We live in a constant state of stress either not knowing when the wrath of God will strike us or else we wander hopelessly disoriented searching for meaning in a meaningless world.

We have effectively stationed ourselves in the borderlands of insanity known as cognitive dissonance where opposing beliefs vie for the same space in our consciousness.

The mind finds this state of affairs maddening and will resolve the conflict by suppressing and denying what it intuitively knows to be true in order to maintain some semblance of sanity, but this is madness itself.

Now hear the good news. Even though we live in a dualistic world where we are taught that if we are right someone else must be wrong reality is actually a bit of “this and that” rather than “either or”.

There IS an organizing principle behind all of existence. This is “Source”, the great mystery, that which we come from and that which we are, and to which we always return in one form or another as we choose.

Source is the emanation of pure consciousness creating this universe using iterations of a fractal pattern in a holographic manner wherein each part structurally and functioally represents the whole, while manifesting the infinite diversity that we see around us. In this body every atom is a solar system unto itself and the aggregate that comprises its entirety a universe. Gnostic teachers held this wisdom in the truism, “as above so below, as within, so without”.

Now that we know the pattern of creation, what are we actually made of?

(Coming soon part 2…)

Unplug from the Matrix

mind-uploadWhen I saw the movie, “The Matrix” I thought it was a fantastic study in science fiction, a metaphor, for the trance that has overtaken humanity, but now many years later I know better. Truth is stranger than fiction.

What if I were to tell you that the movie points to the underlying truth of the reality we are all immersed in? What if I were to tell you that we are collectively as a species plugged into a reality that has been constructed to keep us asleep and unconscious of what is really happening on a global scale to the earth and to all of humanity?

Don’t shut down, stay with me. You know in some dark recess of your mind that this is true. You have tried to deny what you already know. The stories that we have been told, the reasons and explanations that we have been given for why life is the way it is have had only one purpose, to keep us distracted and paralyzed.

From the cradle to the grave our life force has been extracted to fuel an illusion that serves one purpose only, to empower the creators of the simulation we are locked into, the program of fear and separation, greed, and hatred.

Stay with me. Do not shut down because it is easier to live the illusion than face the awful truth of the false reality we are immersed in.

Do you really believe that the supreme creator loves a select few of its children but hates every one else?

Do you really believe that we have the right to strip and pollute the natural world of its resources, to slaughter and kill other species for pleasure?

Do you really believe that our sole purpose for being alive in this world is to deny its beauty and goodness so that we may escape to some imaginary place in the sky?

Do you really believe that you are happy and fulfilled in your 9am to 5pm existence with 2.5 children, a picket fence and a mortgage whilst consuming this entire planet in an orgy of limitless consumption and greed?

I don’t think you really believe any of these things but you are too scared to stray outside of what you have been forced to believe. It is too fearsome to leave the herd and step outside the boundaries that have been created for us.

We are social creatures. We want to belong to the tribe. Evolution has bred us to stay together, to crave the love and support of each other. We want to belong, so we stay plugged into the group illusion.

I have good news. Even though we are in a trance like state of exhaustion from the constant fear and hatred that is thrown at us in the media, a glitch has appeared in the matrix. The illusion is beginning to fray at the edges.

Even though we are perpetually distracted by trivial pursuits from the fact that we are being poisoned slowly but surely by Franken-food, foul air and polluted waters, by the electromagnetic onslaught on our bodies from the proliferation of wireless devices and cell phone towers. Even thought the stress of daily living has reduced us to the walking dead, the illusion is dissolving.

Look around, and you will see the mirage fading in the distance. You will see that there are some who have already unplugged from the collective madness that envelops the world. Every day, there are some who are waking up out of the stupor that millennia of bludgeoning has reduced us to.

It is not too late. There is still time to save yourself and reclaim your life. It is hard, I know, but others have done it and you can too. How do you start? Believe nothing of what you see and hear that promotes victim-hood, lack, fear, and separation.

Unplug from the virtual reality where the program of the matrix is stored within the collective consciousness of humanity by coming out of your mind and centering in your body. Ground your consciousness into the planet, earth. Believe only what you know to be true in your heart, plug into its intuitive knowing of truth.

Move into the reality of limitless abundance and creativity that has always existed, the reality that we fell out of when we started to believe the lie. Believe against all odds that life is beautiful, that we are inextricably interwoven into the fabric of all that exists.

Believe that ALL is an expression of the Divine. End your ceaseless search for a god outside of you to rule you and accept the truth that you are the sovereign creator of your own life because you have been endowed with the greatest gift of all, free will.

In this day choose to separate from the herd and unplug from the illusion. You will not be left behind. You will not be abandoned. You will join the community of new earth where we are supported in all things as we become the embodiment of the love that we BE.





The Ruthlessness of Unconditional Love

13522628_10208808712551859_1402923913_nLove brings a lust for life, puts joy in our steps and a smile on our faces. We crave it, want it and must have it. We will do just about anything for love. Studies have shown that loving relationships promote healthier, happier, and longer lives, be it with our pets, plants, or others.

So Life inevitably presents each of us with lessons in love. How we embrace, integrate, and move through these challenges propels us into a state of expansion and freedom or restriction and fear.

I have learned a lesson or two from love. After the untimely and tragic death of my husband I learned that love will not be conditional. Love will accept the beloved in all of its perceived flaws because love sees through the mask to the profound pain that lies beneath. I learned that life is unpredictable and ephemeral. One cannot contain love or store it up. Love must be ravenously consumed in every present moment.

From the affairs that did not go in the direction I desired, I learned to love without the need for expectations. To love while letting go. Life is forever transmuting and evolving. Nothing stays the same as we are pushed and pulled by our demons and desires.

From relationships that left me feeling empty and less than, that tore my heart to shreds, I learned to be clear with myself about what I could not accept. I learned that what I must express is intimacy, passion, sensuality, and honesty.

From the relationships that sought to contain and define me I learned the lesson that lies at the core of all else. To love myself totally and completely in all of my raw and open vulnerability with a ruthless and unconditional fierceness that has no part in fear, that does not barter in restriction or limitation, but seeks only to be the fullest expression of love that it can possibly be.