The Reckoning: To be Cracked Wide Open

Hello, and welcome back. In my last blog post I ended by encouraging us all to hold fast to the radical notion that freedom, equality and justice for all are not just merely worn out platitudes, but ideals that together we can make real.

I can feel your skepticism. You are thinking that ideals such as these will not survive in this world but I tell you that we can actualize the vision by dismantling the beliefs, and perceptions that hold the current reality in place.

Our beliefs have caused us to invest in systems that inherently produce inequality, where freedom and justice are for some but not for all. This is a bitter pill to swallow but we cannot deny that the beliefs we hold create the structures that our culture is founded on because the fruit of such beliefs are now being displayed in the open for everyone who is willing and able to see.

When we look we see that our beliefs and perceptions are firmly rooted and grounded in the cult of righteousness. The notion that I am superior based on my gender, race, religion, sexual preferences and how I choose to live my life, so it becomes impossible to create a new world until we perceive and dismantle this fatal flaw.  

Because, the ideology of righteousness in so interwoven into the very fabric of our culture and society that it is almost impossible to fully comprehend the ramifications of the insidious way that it influences every aspect of our lives both privately and publicly.

So we have finally come to a state of reckoning where we must accept accountability for the structures that we have created. We are all complicit in the current state of affairs because we have accepted the current state of affairs.

But we so want to hold fast to our beliefs and keep making the same choices while hoping and praying for a different result to the one that we have been getting but you know what Einstein said, it is insane to think that you can get a different result by making the same choices over and over again.

The fundamental change that must be made to our beliefs and perceptions is to see through the eyes of love rather than the ideology of righteousness.

When we are in the vibration of love we see and know that whatever we create in fear will only beget more fear. When we believe that we must protect ourselves from “them” we will unconsciously create more situations where we can experience fear and the need to protect ourselves.

Why is it so difficult to feel the desperation and suffering that is affecting humanity and all other creatures that are attempting to coexist on this planet? It is because we have closed our hearts.

The unbearable suffering that we have endured for thousands of years under the cult of righteousness has become overwhelming. So we look with the mind through its lens and see the pain and suffering of others as justified condemnation because they are not deserving, and not worthy.

But the sad part of this paradigm is that we only condemn others because we have condemned ourselves. The cult of righteousness has called us broken and wrong, has caused us to feel ashamed of our humanity, has taught us that in order to be worthy of love we must become something other than what we are. This rejection and abandonment is so unbearable that we cannot allow ourselves to feel the pain, so we shut our hearts and pretend that this will save us.

Because our minds cannot comprehend that Love is the law and love does not condemn. Love does not judge. It is love that causes the sun to rise and the trees to bloom the birds and the whales to sing. There is love all around us if we just open our hearts.

Opening the heart is risky and no one does it voluntarily. We think that we can open just a bit but that is not enough. We must be cracked wide open. When we are cracked we feel the pain. It is visceral, and in the body, not some intellectual experience.

But the reward for being open is that it allows us to be truly alive to vibrate with the richness and fullness of love that was always there, patiently waiting to be invited in. So let us allow ourselves to admit that we are worthy of unconditional love for that is how we were designed, to love and be loved in return.