The Good News: What’s Really Going On? (part 1 of 2)

img_2963It has been especially topsy-turvy for most of us on the planet, recently to say the least. We are in a daze of shock and confusion at the current state of affairs, and embroiled is a buzz of discussion, asking ourselves and everyone else, “what in heck is going on”, and “how did we get here”.

In order to comprehend the madness that led to this pivotal point in history, we need to first step back and get some perspective by looking at the larger questions of what am I, where did I come from and why am I here? Only when we examine these fundamental issues will we see the truth hidden behind the veil.

So, you think these are esoteric questions that you don’t have the time to think about, right now, but until we make the time to examine them for ourselves we will remain dazed and confused in the cognitive nightmare that we are all trying to awaken from.

Those who have already uncovered the truth have an anchor and a safe place in the storm. From this safe space we can see what is really going on.

We have been given a choice point in the history of humanity where what has been hidden and is now being revealed. If we can muster the courage to open our eyes and see before us what we have not wanted to acknowledge we will have the ability to walk out of the prison that has kept our consciousness in bondage for millennia.

So, how did we get to this place, right here, right now? Well, as children two diametrically opposing beliefs were implanted into our brains regarding the nature and origin of humanity each emphatic and dogmatic in it’s own way, rooted in a competition between religion and science.

On the one hand religious dogma preaches that we are molded from the dust of this planet in the image of a white bearded guy in the sky. Our purpose is to serve him by denying our humanity. We are commanded to convince every other human by any means necessary that he is the one true god, and because he gave us an immortal soul that he will judge when we die we must obey or burn forever.

The opposing story line says that we are mere flesh and blood, the result of unplanned random combinations of purely material stuff. There is no grand purpose to our lives or to anything else, for that matter. We originated on this planet, we die here, and that will be the end of us so we better grab as much “stuff” as we can while the getting is good, or someone else will get it and that’s not good.

Of course we didn’t believe either absurd story line as the intelligent children that we were. We knew how to create powerful magic with our imagination and intent. We loved, laughed, and played with joyful abandon as we conversed with plants and animals, our toys and the stars. We knew what others where thinking and feeling, and we saw patterns and colors surrounding them.

But because we couldn’t challenge those in power over us, we were gradually forced to relinquish our intuitive knowing and Being until we finally forgot how to be ourselves.

The result of this massive brain washing and repression is that our lives have become an expression of personal dis-empowerment and lack of sovereignty. We live in a constant state of stress either not knowing when the wrath of God will strike us or else we wander hopelessly disoriented searching for meaning in a meaningless world.

We have effectively stationed ourselves in the borderlands of insanity known as cognitive dissonance where opposing beliefs vie for the same space in our consciousness.

The mind finds this state of affairs maddening and will resolve the conflict by suppressing and denying what it intuitively knows to be true in order to maintain some semblance of sanity, but this is madness itself.

Now hear the good news. Even though we live in a dualistic world where we are taught that if we are right someone else must be wrong reality is actually a bit of “this and that” rather than “either or”.

There IS an organizing principle behind all of existence. This is “Source”, the great mystery, that which we come from and that which we are, and to which we always return in one form or another as we choose.

Source is the emanation of pure consciousness creating this universe using iterations of a fractal pattern in a holographic manner wherein each part structurally and functioally represents the whole, while manifesting the infinite diversity that we see around us. In this body every atom is a solar system unto itself and the aggregate that comprises its entirety a universe. Gnostic teachers held this wisdom in the truism, “as above so below, as within, so without”.

Now that we know the pattern of creation, what are we actually made of?

(Coming soon part 2…)