The Good News!

image-bad-news-good-news-signsI am Dr. Cheryl Wade. For 18 years I worked ceaselessly as a general surgeon because I have a need to serve and do good, and because this career enabled me to develop the confidence I needed to make my way in the world with autonomy and self respect.

I pushed myself relentlessly because I was indoctrinated with fundamental religious beliefs which asserted, I was “less than,” and incapable as a woman, and flawed as a human being.

This religion preached that we are born in sin and must be redeemed, that the earth is a fearful and dangerous place to be subjugated and used, that we should live only to die to escape from this God forsaken planet to a much better place in the sky, but only if we are good enough and only if we obey the rules without question.

Even as a child, however, I had my doubts. A God who promoted violence and murder against women, children, and animals and mass genocide of “non believers” could not be a loving, all-powerful Creator. A God who would demand my slavish devotion and service felt a petty dictator unworthy of my respect. Life goes on, however, and I put these ideas on the back burner in order to pursue my career.

When I achieved my goals, however and finally took a breather, I looked around and saw an insane world in chaos and turmoil driven by greed and arrogance. I saw people divided against themselves in self-loathing, and against each other in anger and resentment.

I saw how I had also become a casualty of the massive mind control that is strangling life on earth. So to save myself I started on a journey to realize the truth of the nature of reality and to become what I needed to see in the world around me.

Incorporating holistic health principles into my surgical practice was a first step but it soon became patently obvious that it is impossible to heal the body, mind, or soul without acknowledging and healing the existential despair and hopelessness that has infected us all.

I came to see that the origins of the pathology that ails humanity are the core values and beliefs that uphold our culture and society. The beliefs that our self separate from Source and nature, that some humans are inherently more worthy than others, that we live on a dead planet in a clockwork universe, and that we are victims of a God of retribution who would punish us for all eternity.

Where did these outrageous beliefs come from that have so mortally wounded us, and how could we be so simple to believe them? They arose from the doctrines of the Abrahamic religions, Judaism, Islam, and Christianity that sprang out of the desert of the Middle East, a little over two thousand of years ago.

In the name of “God” we have been tortured and murdered and every indigenous culture that held the wisdom of the true nature of reality has been subjected to genocide and mass extermination. Humanity has been brutalized into accepting a lie that we eventually believed because we had to, in order to survive.

Now hear the good news. Even as we face the abyss, the way forward is clear. We can avoid self-destruction when we realize that we have nothing to fear but the fear that was artificially implanted into the fabric of our being, the fear that has paralyzed our free will to be in love and harmony with all that is.

Join me now on a journey of self-discovery to realize our true nature as Divine, Sovereign beings gifted to create the life that we choose and desire. Let us together create heaven on earth, in peace and harmony, with ourselves, each other, and our planetary mother in the freedom to be who and what we choose to be.