The Ruthlessness of Unconditional Love

13522628_10208808712551859_1402923913_nLove brings a lust for life, puts joy in our steps and a smile on our faces. We crave it, want it and must have it. We will do just about anything for love. Studies have shown that loving relationships promote healthier, happier, and longer lives, be it with our pets, plants, or others.

So Life inevitably presents each of us with lessons in love. How we embrace, integrate, and move through these challenges propels us into a state of expansion and freedom or restriction and fear.

I have learned a lesson or two from love. After the untimely and tragic death of my husband I learned that love will not be conditional. Love will accept the beloved in all of its perceived flaws because love sees through the mask to the profound pain that lies beneath. I learned that life is unpredictable and ephemeral. One cannot contain love or store it up. Love must be ravenously consumed in every present moment.

From the affairs that did not go in the direction I desired, I learned to love without the need for expectations. To love while letting go. Life is forever transmuting and evolving. Nothing stays the same as we are pushed and pulled by our demons and desires.

From relationships that left me feeling empty and less than, that tore my heart to shreds, I learned to be clear with myself about what I could not accept. I learned that what I must express is intimacy, passion, sensuality, and honesty.

From the relationships that sought to contain and define me I learned the lesson that lies at the core of all else. To love myself totally and completely in all of my raw and open vulnerability with a ruthless and unconditional fierceness that has no part in fear, that does not barter in restriction or limitation, but seeks only to be the fullest expression of love that it can possibly be.






Deep Truth and the Not so New model of Reality


Who am I, where did I come from, and what is my purpose? These are the questions that have driven the collective consciousness of humanity since the dawn of time.

So when we see a world in chaos, careening towards self- destruction and wonder, “how did we get here?” look to the answers that we have accepted to these eternal questions. These answers have determined every aspect of our lives, from our concept of self, our mental patterns, behaviors and relationships, to our institutions and culture.

For millennia, our indigenous ancestors knew the answers to these questions by direct Gnosis. They knew that our genetic blueprint is descended from the stars, and that we are tightly woven into the infinite web of life that always has been, and always will be.

This web is consciousness and it connects everything throughout all time and space. Our ancestors understood that we are here on earth to evolve in mutual cooperation with all beings and to be stewards of this planet. This is our spiritual heritage.

Then some two thousand years ago patriarchy erupted in the guise of the Judea-Christian-Islam Abrahamic religions. Spirituality and Gnosis became warped into religious dogma by the suppression and denial of the Feminine aspect of Divinity.

By suppressing the Divine Feminine, the doctrine of separation became firmly established. We were forced into separation from each other as male and female, from our own bodies, our world, the cosmos, and our Divinity. This doctrine enslaved humanity and brought us to our knees.

As humanity struggled to overcome the shackles of insane religious dogma, the scientific revolution emerged in the seventeenth century. This movement gradually morphed into Scientific Materialism, however, which unwittingly colluded with, and cemented the unholy doctrine of separation.

Sir Isaac Newton’s outline of the laws of classical mechanics were taken to the fallacious conclusion that what we are, and what we see, are no more than a collection of clockwork mechanisms devoid of life or innate consciousness.

The Darwinian model of the workings of evolution asserted life to be the result of a series of random mutations of inert chemical constituents. It was thereby concluded that humanity is an accident, our lives do not matter and there is no purpose to it all. Evolution became a matter of survival of the fittest in a perpetual struggle against nature, our selves, and every other species on the planet.

Modern biologic science bought the fallacious model of evolution that Darwin proposed and proceeded to perpetuate the myth. By studying the human genome it was announced that our genes control us. We are the victims of our biology, which then makes our bodies the perpetrators of a war against ourselves.

These philosophies extrapolated from science are the license to rape and strip the natural world. Natural disasters have resulted in 5 mass extinctions in the history of this planet. It is now well documented that we are currently in the midst of the 6th mass extinction of all species on earth, this time the cause is human activity.

Those who have been able to release the death grip of religious dogma, worship on the altar of the Almighty dollar. In this materialistic world where only matter matters, the 1% who hoard the greatest amount of material gain are the ones who really matter, while the rest of us are the losers in this game of monopoly.

In this age, despite what we may say or do, deep down in our heart of hearts we all feel abandoned and betrayed by Source and ashamed of our humanity. How do we find a way out? What hope can we offer our children as they flounder looking for truth, finding nothing but worn out paradigms and collapsing institutions amid rampant greed and destruction?

We open our eyes and our hearts and know truth. We now have a not so new model of reality that rests on the foundation of the new science of the 20th century, Quantum mechanics. This new paradigm has come full circle and brought what was once thought to be mystical and magical into the realm of science.

Quantum physics has verified and corroborated what our ancestors knew to be true. Reality is a unified field of energy, which at its most basic level is pure consciousness expressing itself as light in the myriad forms of creation. We ourselves determine what we experience by our attention and focus.

Epigenetics, the new biology pioneered by Bruce Lipton Ph.D, at Stanford University, shows that genes are not the ultimate determinants of our biology. The expression of our DNA rests upon both internal and external stressors upon the cellular structures within our bodies.

That is it in a nutshell. We are not what we have been told and much more than we could ever imagine.

So how do we stop creating a world that none of us really wants or desires? We develop the courage to look fearlessly at where we are and see that there is no them versus us.

We have all been duped by the great lie of separation, and we are all guilty of crimes against ourselves, and the natural world. We dive into the dark night of the soul both individually and collectively and allow our hearts to be broken wide open.

We accept as sacred truth the knowing of the answers to the questions of existence that we hold deep in the core of our being-ness. We are divine source consciousness, unfolding as Love, forever expressing itself in novelty so that It may know Itself in all of It’s splendor. We understand what mystics throughout the ages have known. We are the Beloved of the One we yearn to return to.

Those of us who know these truths to be self -evident have become exhausted with witnessing the ignorance, horror, and injustice that we see everywhere present. We know that all of us must awaken to truth or we will all perish. Evolution is based on cooperation in community. We are now being called to evolve collectively, each human a cell in the body of humanity.

In order to survive as a species we must first become kind, generous, and accepting of ourselves. We declare a ceasefire and desist from acts of war and terrorism against our humanity. We commit ourselves to fight peacefully for justice, truth, and harmony where there is none. We move in the deep abiding compassion that lives within us.

We merge the mystic with the activist by getting out of our meditation chairs and allow our lives to be an act of love in each moment. We are the last Avatars to anchor the Beloved back into the heart and soul of humanity.

What is your role as sacred activist? Look within and feel the point of your deepest pain. What causes you to rage in anger and frustration? This is your mission. Be the change that you want to see in the world. In each moment, see, and evaluate everything through the eyes of Love because that is what you BE.