Moving out of Pain.

One day during yoga in double pigeon pose I suddenly started sobbing. I did a clever cover up and after class shared the experience with the instructor. She was not surprised or even taken aback. Crying happens surprisingly often she said  depending on where one holds stress and tension. Some people hold stress in their backs and cry with back opening stretches. In your case you hold “stuff’ in your hips.

I thought this was all very interesting indeed and proceeded to forgot about it. In retrospect I remembered having a dull ache in my left hip for some time.  I had placed the blame on stress in the joint from running and was taking  supplements to strengthen the cartilage. The supplements helped while I took them but when I stopped the ache came back. This went on for a few years until my husband passed.

About a year and a half later, I was slowly coming out of mourning, listening to talk shows on Awakening Zone, blog talk radio. I heard an interview with Vicki Reiner, clairvoyant healer. She “sees” energy, what it looks like and where it is stuck and helps her clients move it. I was really impressed, so much so that I did a phone session with her a few weeks later.

She said I had dark looking energy stuck in my second chakra- (area of the pelvis and hips) the energy of my father- who I felt rejected and abandoned me- His energy kept blocking me whenever I tried to reach for what I wanted, she said. She clairvoyantly helped me get the energy out of my body with breath and intention. I felt the movement. Hadn’t felt anything there in over three years. Yippee!

I have learned that thoughts and emotions are energetic “things”. A difficult emotion that is not fully processed is stuffed, somewhere in the body.  Anger, rage, jealousy, and shame to name a few get stuck in the hips, shoulders, neck, and lower back, depending on the person and the area where the emotion is felt. Over time this energy condenses into physical pain, and dis-ease. Movement such as yoga, and dance, as well as different types of body work and massage can help shift energy.

 A few days after the session I was driving my car into town during a downpour of rain and suddenly a shocking wave of ecstasy roared through my body. I pulled into a parking lot and waited as wave after wave overwhelmed and washed over me. It was fabulously amazing. I had never experienced anything like that before.

 Now that I have “cleared the crap out of my pelvis” life is becoming  interesting. Different people and experiences move in and out with more freedom and ease. And so I sit in the vastness of my being and surrender to the waves of ecstasy flowing through and over me.Image


One thought on “Moving out of Pain.

  1. olubam says:

    Cheryl, I am interested in this movement that you are making, It appears to me that this is what is necessary for your entering another vibration zone, for Love, the Love of self, which has to be expanded every time we have trauma, lose the physicality of a loved one, or step through a portal of consciousness. Thank you for sharing this experience.Olu

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