Life after Death and the illusion of space and time.

A couple of days before my wedding anniversary, I was married for twenty years, a friend dragged me out for a glass of wine or two or three after work. I am now playing at being a waitress and restaurant manager.  She was with another woman whose husband had also passed around the same time as mine.

This woman and I talked about our longing to communicate with our respective husbands. She had some success with a medium, and also occasionally feels her husband’s presence through a particular song they both loved. The departed can communicate through anything that catches our attention, a billboard, a song, a butterfly, a feeling, a dream…

I bemoaned my lack of conscious communication with my husband. I had a few dreams that left me feeling somewhat comforted, but dissatisfied. I missed him so much I wanted to feel his presence, but it was not happening.

Why not? I was starting to get more than a little bit pissed off by what I felt was his lack of serious effort. I managed to get home that night through a misty fog of tears. The next day, wallowing in the wake of a very wicked hangover, I was brave enough in my self pity to think through the why not.

I guess my husband wants me to get on with it.  There must be something else that I have chosen to experience otherwise I would have left too.  I think that he does not want to distract me from my purpose.  Even more importantly though, we are still together even while I am pretending that we are not.

Life exists in a myriad of forms. Being in a body is just one small slice of the pie. Life goes on and on, in fact it’s the only game in town.  In my father’s house are many mansions, many rooms, many floors, it could take an eternity to explore them all.

We tend to move in soul groups within spiritual families.  My husband and I  have had and will have many lifetimes together.  We switch roles to make it interesting. Within our group I have been mother, father, sister, son, friend, and arch enemy. I have been very good and also very, very bad, and so has he.

To make this all even more fun is the fact that we exist in an infinite number of realities simultaneously. There is no separation, there is no time. We are one, here and now.  In fact, my husband and I are in each others arms having a really big giggle. He points in the distance, and Imagesays “look at you, go girl! Come back soon and tell me all about it!”


Life after Death and the illusion of space


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