Frequency and vibration

Woke up feeling wretched and extremely pitiable.  Thought to myself, snap out of it girl and gave a sharp jerk to the rubber band that I keep on my wrist these days for the specific purpose of inflicting pain at the the first hint of negative thinking.  Pavlov experimented with this kind of conditioning. It works on dogs so why not me?  The pain helped to prevent a further sinking into the miasma of misery but did nothing to elevate my mood.

 I tried to feel the feeling of the joy of tons of money, first class tickets to San Francisco, and a sexy lover coming at me. I was determined to put the New Age “Law of Attraction” into high gear. Nothing doing, it just was not working. Then I remembered what I already know. 

 Its all about vibration and frequency. I live in a sea of light and sound but only perceive a narrow band width. I cannot see ultraviolet at the higher end of the light frequency spectrum or infrared at the lower end, nor can I hear the sound of a dog whistle, but it is all there for those with ears to hear and eyes to see.

 I do not have to attract anything. Every thing is already here. I get to experience and have what my vibration resonates with.  The right frequency allows me to receive what I want after I make space for it by letting go of what I do not want.

So it is that I must set the vibration and tone for my day before I leave the house. Thank you God for my perfect and magnificent life. I am blessed. How could it get any better than this? What exciting miracles and gifts are waiting for me to discover today? I am fabulous, amazing, deeply loved, and incredibly sexy!


One thought on “Frequency and vibration

  1. olubam says:

    yes, Deva it is about energy and how we(you) affect the energy of that particular mood. Yet, moods are for a purpose of elevation and conscious loving….which brings conscious living, loving to live and living to love. olubam

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