The Stallion

My conscious mind is a wild stallion. It gallops over vast and limitless plains wreaking havoc with its thunderous hooves.  It is nervous and highly strung, and my efforts at taming it are puny compared to the brute strength and determination of the beast.  Countless times I have been thrown into the mud by its bucking and whirling.

 I am, however, determined to be the master and not the servant, but the horse is very clever.  I must keep a tight rein every second. The moment it senses the slightest slackening of the bit, off it goes again leaving me in the dust.

 With the stallion gone the subconscious program starts in with “ if you were clever enough, smart enough, strong enough, quick enough, ……. you’d be in the palace right about  now.” That’s when I start beating my head against the prison walls.


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