Chapter 2

 Why am I a victim and a burning martyr all rolled into one?  I feel stuck and unable to change the circumstances of my life.  Affirmations, positive thinking, and visualizations aren’t really coming through for me like those self help books said they would.  To make matters worse I seem to mess up my resolutions by doing what I don’t want to do, and not doing what I want to. Why though?

 Because I am of two minds, the conscious and the subconscious.  The conscious mind is the center of creativity and personality.  It allows me to choose what I wish to experience, and it listens to me.

 The subconscious mind, however, is the saboteur because it is completely unconscious and there is no reasoning with it.  Dr. Bruce Lipton likens the subconscious to a tape recorder capable of data input and output only.

 In addition to basic vegetative functions like breathing, and digesting and coordinating the “fight or flight”  response, the subconscious is also the data storage area for annoying habits and uncontrollable behaviors.

 These unconscious habits and behaviors form the blueprint for 95% of our lives, and here’s he kicker, they were installed in the first 6 years of life.  The brain at this stage of development is in theta wave mode, a state of hypnosis. 

We come in not knowing anything of what makes this reality run. So we look and listen and everything gets downloaded and stored in the hard drive of the subconscious, under hypnotic suggestion so to speak. This is high magic.  Unfortunately, we are recording other peoples ideas, notions, and limiting belief’s about themselves, and the world.  These belief’s are then translated into  our unconscious behavior.

We all know that sinking feeling when conscious awareness finally dawns and we discover that our mothers, husbands, and friends know just how to push the icon on the desk top that takes the shortcut straight to crazy, irrational, defensive behavior.

 These triggers are based on negative beliefs and erroneous ideas, you know, “I’am not good enough, I don’t deserve and so on. The really sad part of all this unconscious material is that our ability to resist these triggers are about as effective as yelling at our computers. 


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