Chapter 1 continued…

Out of the blue it seems my husband was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer at the unbelievable age of fifty four. We did chemotherapy, radiation, therapeutic mushrooms, meditation, sound healing and whatever we could but to no avail.

 I was a practicing General Surgeon at the time for eighteen years saving lives and helping everyone that I touched but I could not rescue him. I gave up my career. I could not do what I did any longer. My work no longer made any sense to me. It did not matter. 

 I took care of him for about a year and a half and watched him die and grew to love him more and more every day. That time has been the buoy that has held me afloat in a sea of grief, guilt, and regret because he bequeathed to me the gift of unconditional love.  I loved him more that I ever did and finally understood and realized just how much he truly loved me.

Chapter 1 continued…Out of the blue it seems


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