The Reinvention of me, or, The Journey home


The reinvention of me or The Journey home

Chapter 1

After my husband died I mourned the loss of him, our marriage, and the person that I had been. I mourned and mourned, and then gradually as if awakening from a somnambulist stupor I came to the realization that I now had the opportunity to discover me. I would change my point of view and magically turn devastating loss into priceless opportunity.



2 thoughts on “The Reinvention of me, or, The Journey home

  1. Lisa says:

    May you feel comfort in the cocoon which surrounds you in your husbands love until you will finally emerge as a beautiful butterfly when the time is just right….

  2. Cathie Armstrong-Moore says:

    Nothing worthwhile is ever easy. His love carried you and your love carried him. True love is not something that can be given away, or the pain of the loss ignored because that love will stay with you for ever and surface when you need its warmth with happy memories as you recover and are able to shed your loss. Shed your tears knowing they are tears of love, a love earned and respected, be strong and allow yourself to hold onto your memories, especially the fun ones and let them help you continue the mystery of the journey of life.
    Gradually you will be able to appreciate that you have known something precious and wonderful that others can not imagine.
    Be brave, heal your bruised and aching soul and know that this will pass when you feel strong enough to pick up the pieces and continue the journey.

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